StudyRocket is a digital learning platform.
Simply put; we provide study tools to students to help them get more out of their revision.
Your teacher, examiner, planner and assessor, all in one.

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Get rid of your different textbooks, online resources and teachers notes: everything you need to know is here, in one place.


Forget Revision As You Know It

Get ahead of the class by simply completing tasks on the website.
Throw away those highlighters, memory games and acronyms.


Procrastination is the biggest killer when it comes to exam preparations. In our market research, 63% of students said it was their main problem.
No chance to procrastinate when learning is engaging and simple.


So what?

Too often students are left to fend for themselves when it comes to exams. Too often students are left without the right resource for their exam. Too often the monotony of revision leaves students unmotivated and unprepared. That’s why we want to break the trend and hand students everything they need to prepare for their exams in a single, clear and enjoyable platform.

Key Features

Here's a few things Study Rocket can offer you as a student to enhance your studies.

Study Notes

Written based on your exam board's requirements and in an engaging, concise style.

Explanation Videos

Sleek animated videos to help explain the tricky bits of your course.

Assessment Exercises

Reflect on what you've learnt and execute it in our challenging assessment exercises.

Memorisation Tools

Activities built to engrain the topics learnt into memory.

Understanding Activities

We grill you on what you've read to make sure you've really processed it, not just read it.

Progress Ensurer

Follow your progress as you work through your assignments, earning rewards along the way.