StudyRocket is a digital learning platform.
Simply put; we provide study tools to students to help them get more out of their revision.
Your teacher, examiner, planner and assessor, all in one.

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Exam based revision

Know you’re revising what you should be.

Exam specification and syllabus based content scanning edexcel, aqa, ocr

Engaging content

No more whiteboard videos, textbooks and past papers.

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Scientifically engineered learning software

We’ve taken proven methods of learning to create the perfect study environment.

LMS scientific based for students a-levels gcses subject revision online

Revision tools, techniques and resources

Study Rocket is reinventing the way students study, revise and prepare for exams. Our A-level and GCSE online courses are written for your exact exam board, including EdExcel, AQA or OCR. As well as your subject, including biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, politics, history, economics, and sociology. In addition, we have built education technology to reduce procrastination, boost motivation and retention. As a result, your revision time becomes more effective than ever before. So forget revision guides, typical study techniques, online tutors and textbooks. Say hello to your new revision tool.

Your first all-in-one revision tool.

You’re awesome. We’ll update you once we are live.

Applicants to closed Beta accepted up until August.

Everything you need to revise in a single portal online directly written for exams with videos, study notes, questions